for nothing

by Sail Hatin'

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recorded in one night on laptops in different states


released August 2, 2013




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Sail Hatin'

Only the first and second halves our songs are sad.

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Track Name: Interest
you never could see things my way
but you always saw things, through my eyes

back down to where we started
i hope one day, this cycle finds you well
Track Name: Window
if you could only touch base i wouldnt feel ashamed of my name separated in this place is only wasting wasting spied a window pane looking for a frame casting familiar shapes alone and watching light fall my eyes are not a window
Track Name: 128
in my past life i was the greatest player that had ever lived. 128 rbi. and so it seems i've been rendered timeless but i can't relate to the notion as i feel nameless. does our past lie slicked with malicious thoughts of giving in? i'll try to find reason in an endless cycle of subtle beginnings and anti-climactic endings. to say that death is our only friend is like quiet bullets healing skin.
Track Name: Vexed
count me out i am vexed lost in losing faces walking tunnel vision sleeping through the days i saw you through headlights you were settling your past screaming to save relations exclaiming we knew nothing but wait just one minute you're a little panicked and i may be spent but i still feel you breathing
Track Name: Be Minor
i’ll wait to find myself alone against a wall with a mattress I can’t find much sleep in with a pillow I’ve buried my regrets in still thinking from time to time still dreamin’ but you were never mine i can’t turn my beliefs into words without feeling like a fool, i can’t turn any of my thoughts into speaking words can’t find any wordsi f you wanted to know what I meant,
I honestly can’t remember what I said but Violet there were days where you were all I was thinking
Track Name: Take Note
i want to breathe again until my lungs collapse i want to fall asleep on the rockiest beach and if my eyelids are clothes pinned straight to my brow
i’ll never sleep again,
i’ll never feel the same because you are my only way out take note of this forgive my conscience