weighted like a dark dream

by Sail Hatin'

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recorded/mixed/mastered by John Molfetas (have him record your band!)
additional vocals on "unwound" performed by William Rutledge.

sail hatin' is:
victor, tj, christopher and cj.


released January 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Sail Hatin'

Only the first and second halves our songs are sad.

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Track Name: unwound
old wounds unraveling. no thoughts attached unto my skin. when will i see you again passing through my head? forced a figure taking shape pressing down on weight of air. in this moment of breathes i make selfish thoughts won't lead me anywhere. cravings cannot resist a long night of nothingness.
Track Name: turn signal
you say you'll keep hold of your stones
save them for when you really need them
i should have known these bones
would cause the abrasion again

now the shelter is coming down
tearing through these paper walls

im trying to have this begin
im trying for you to let me in

i just want you to know, there's no hard feelings
keep sitting on your crumbling throne,
become a reflection of what you reject,
now i'm the one with the stones
Track Name: mold
this brings me back to where I still am and this is all i encompass. this time spent wallowed in the past lends itself to feeling like shit. through it all you are the one who breaks my mold i reshape it whether you know it. these bird-like maybes need to calm the wind. i'm so sick of the word imagine.
Track Name: white house
when you were lying there I could not make out a single thought or expression that was vested in your eyes. it came as a wave swept myself under a rug, buried into floorboards. bury me in the ground, or maybe i could shove myself down. i've been chewing on my tongue hoping for blood/coughing up blood.
Track Name: blood red sky
you said to me that the sky was blood red but I could not see past the lights. falling into rivers so cut my tongue, i'm wading. this is what I need to bring myself back; closing eyes and reliving scenes.
Track Name: we were promised something
I confess that its in my nature to underestimate myself through every endeavor in trying to determine the fine line between what is reality and what my eyes see. when thoughts manifest, only hoping to digress. caught in a place between here and here I'll stay only imaging where my life could be but slowly confronting a truth:
where hearts have grown my grows cold and withers like fall leaves, hardening in winter, frozen in deep snow. I'll wait until spring to begin the cycle again. I'll wait until I remain to rest my head when the cycle begins again.
Track Name: the fall
blurry eyes make sense moving mountains in my head. discontent with where they'll stand, still waiting.
Track Name: take note
i want to breathe again until my lungs collapse. i want to fall asleep on the rockiest beach. and if my eye lids are clothes-pinned straight to my brow I'll never sleep again. I'll never feel the same because you are my only way out. take note of this.
Track Name: old skin
cold bones lay, meant to be broken. without a trace sleep is slipping. we both know that if our bodies can grow we will shed old skin and have a fresh place to begin. will you ever feel complete? i'm not so sure you mean everything.
Track Name: insight
"come clean I know you know it. you're waiting on a narrow drain to become unclogged. force facts through an uncontrolled perspective. I'm the bitter in a quiet halve, I resent my tongue. locked eyes in a mirror reflection of a worn out dog. hold out for a cold wind blowing erase all thought. I see the picture is clear and it bears no flaws. I wish to remember this but I can't hold much. everything that I once knew was only self induced. carry on through, tread lightly, frozen lakes will be your last mistake. "